Student Achievement

Student Achievement

A) Academic Achievements

LL. B. Five Year Integrated Course

  • Academic Year – 2009 – 2010: Parita Shah secured First, Ms. Monali Ingole secured Fifth position in University Merit List.
  • Academic Year – 2010 – 2011: Shubhanghi Lokhande  secured Second,  Ms. Vrushali Bangale secured Third position in University Merit List.
  • Academic Year – 2011– 2012: Nitesh  Rahtod secured Second position in University Merit List.
  • Academic Year – 2012–2013:   Megha Joshi secured third position in University Merit List.

LL. M. Course

  • Academic Year – 2014-2015: Ms. Rashmi Pande secured first position in University Merit List and bagged three gold medals.

 B) Achievements  in  Co curricular Activities

  • Moot Court Competition – Megha Joshi, Tejshri Khot and Chaitali Kulkarni secured 2nd Rank in State Level Moot Court Competition held at SNG Law College, Akola.
  • Power Point Presentation Competition – Neha Jaiwar bagged 2nd rank in the National Power Point Presentation Competition held at M. P. Law College, Aurangabad, on 22nd Feb, 2013.
  • Manik Pinjarkar, student of LL. B. IV sem. secured fourth position and Nausheen Saba, student of LL. B. VI Sem. secured fifth position in the Quiz Competition on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Constitution of India.

C) Achievements in Games and Sports

  • The College Cricket team bagged a trophy and cash prize of Rs. 2100/- in Law Premier League Matches organized by Akola Bar Association, Akola as runner up (2012-2013)

D) Achievements in Other Examinations

  • Sujitsingh Solenke passed NET in Law
  • Sujit Rathod appointed as JMFC & CJJD
  • Sharad Surjuse appointed as JMFC & CJJD
  • Vinod Dambare appointed as JMFC & CJJD
  • Faizan Ahmed passed NET in Criminology
  • Nitesh Rathod secured second merit position in the examination of CJJD and JMFC
  • Sharique Ur. Rahman appointed as JMFC & CJJD